3-Channel Videoinstallation, 4 min
by Ganaël Dumreicher, Eliska Jahelkova, Marlena Jonane

Project Cover Image

The Work depicts a moment of a breakthrough, resurrection and birth. Æon by its definition, coming from theology, means an epoch, undefinable time or a lifetime. The Being in the video is breaking out of this eternity between life and death, or life and another form of it. Digital effects and the language of the video bring more questions into this observation, asking if “the being” is breaking out from the digital into the real or from the real/ physical/ material to the formable digital.


We don’t know if this process comes from the outside or inside. Are the other hands someone else’s? Or an illusion of oneself pushing themselves to the limit of a certain “reality” prison?


The whole context is tight to the installation in the shape of a triangle (altar).The room creates a sort of sacred space, which is further emphasised by an artificial choral chant. Plastic candles in the corner and the silicon body from the video which lies on the screens, brings the digital to real space and by this further questions the borders between the physical and the digital reality.

Installation view @ HYPER_R Exhibition / NaH Offspace
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