Ganaël Dumreicher (AT/LU), born 1996 in Vienna, is a sound artist and film director. With his audiovisual works, Ganaël has participated in over 50 international film and media festivals and took part in exhibitions at several prestigious institutions for contemporary art, such as the Belvedere21 museum Vienna or the Deichtorhallen/Sammlung Falckenberg Hamburg.


In his artistic approach, Ganaël plays with simulation and synthesis. By blending artificial and analog elements, the artist challenges our subjective perception of sonic, narrative and visual authenticity. Resulting in an aesthetic and mood that is equally disturbing and beautiful, alien and comforting.


Ganaël studied electroacoustic & experimental composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and Transmedia Art with Jakob Lena Knebl at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.


Awards & Residencies:

2024 Subtropical Film Festival Taipei (TWN) – Best Film Director

2024 Animafantasia Award (RO) – Best Experimental Short

2023 Cinemanext Tour Salzburg (AT) – Jury Price

2023 Vienna Shorts (AT) – Honorary mention for Artistic Achievement

2021 Impact Academy – Residency Villa Schapira

2o18 Créajeune Metz (FR) – Award for  Humor et derision

2016 Creme Fraiche (LU) – 1st Price for Mini Short



2024 Memory of a Mycelium

2024 Psyche16

2023 Kiesler’s Body

2023 Yin Yang Revisited

2023 Alabaster

2023 Neon Gold

2022 Aeon

2021 Otoportrait

2021 Brood & Parasite (Co-Direction & Sound)

2020 Voy

2019 ALICE (Co-Direction)

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