Klodom & Klommorah


Durational Performance
By Ganaël Dumreicher , Vito Baumüller & Elias Jocher

Project Cover Image

The most intimate moment of every visit to the exhibition – the walk to the bathroom – becomes a space of experience and self experience. While visitors were taking a piss, they were confronted with a modern re-crucification of Jesus Christ.


Visitors were invited to interact with the performance. Some stroked Jesus, hold his hands, protected him from his tormentors, gave him water to drink or washed his feed. Others took part in the humiliating.


The exhibition took place in a former school building in Vienna. According to Austrian law, a Christian cross must still hang in every classroom of a school with a majority of Christian pupils. Klodom & Klommorah is an extreme take on this absurd law.

Performance ©Felix Lenz
Picture of the Performance ©Maria Belova
©Margarita Keller
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