Ceci n’est pas un être humain


Sound Performance

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Ceci n’est pas un être humain explores the increasingly fluid boundaries between human and artificial sound.


Together with the MUA artist Emese Torma, I designed a mask in which parts of my face could shine through and which gradually dissolved during the performance. Under the mask, I attached a small microphone directly to the lips. This amplified intimate breathing and smacking sounds.The cable of the microphone was led over my back towards the floor behind me as I walked, as if the cable was integrated into me.


When I arrived on stage, the guards demonstratively plugged me into the gigantic speaker system. I began to breathe, puff, smack and groan and effected the recordings live with effect pedals. Placing the mic directly into the mouth created a very intimate and organic sound. The effect pedals synthesized this human noise and made it artificial.


While the mask gradually dissolved, the sound became more and more organic. Finally I stood in front of the audience without a mask – I had become human again.

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