Brood & Parasite

2021, 8 min


Docu-fiction / animation film / Artistic-Research Project
by Ganaël Dumreicher, Carla Juri Veltman, Martin Eichler
Funded by Bmkoes & ORF III

Project Cover Image

The bark beetle has become one of the most concise signs of climate change in Europe. Hu- man intervention in nature is enabling the mass population of these beetles.

Brood & Parasite takes the perspective of these parasites. The artists went to various infested places in Austria & Czech Republic, made 3D scans of the territories, collected infested wood and made field recordins. In Vienna processed these materials, created sculptures and models, digitized them and put constructed characters into these real habitats.


In the video installation we accompany a bark beetle on its journey through an increasingly infested forest. Lots of maggots, lots of beetles, lots of nature – but increasingly destroyed.The maggots and the beetles become more, their habitat is no longer enough. They have used it up and move on. They are coming towards us (humans). Into our habitat, into the city.


They conquer the new habitat.They swarm out into our parks, invade our homes. The bugs – thanks to humans, there are a disproportionate number of them – procure their space, but now it is “our” space they need.

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