Since 2022

Electro-acoustic / Electronic music

Duo with the Harpist Miriam Adefris

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In their set ARPATAÏK, the harpist Miriam Adefris (AT/ETH) and the sound artist and composer Ganaël Dumreicher (LU/AT), explore the boundaries of interaction between harp and electronics. The familiar sounds of the harp are abstracted, deconstructed, and reassembled in musical compositions. The harp’s spectrum, expanded through exploration and exceeding its playing possibilities, undergoes decomposition into its elemental components through sound synthesis. This process of disassembly and subsequent reassembly gives rise to new sound materials and structures that wouldn’t be found in the aesthetics of the original harp sound. Additionally, the digital effects amplify the delicate, ornamented structures of the harp sound to the extreme.


Since its formation in 2020, ARPATAIK has received invitations to perform on various Austrian stages, including Wellenklaenge, Festival for Contemporary Trends Lunz am See, Contesting border regimes/MDW Vienna, Kultursommer Vienna, and the musical design of the Austrian Fashion Awards. Their work intentionally focuses on crossing artistic boundaries, collaborating with media artist Tina Frank, who visually shaped the set for their performance at the Wellenklänge Festival.


Currently, the duo is working on an EP, scheduled for release in October 2024.

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