Audiovisual installation
12-Channel Sound, 4-Channel Video
By Ganaël Dumreicher, Lucie Wahl & Michelle Kleyr
Produced & financed by Rotondes cultural center & NDLC Esch22


Project Cover Image

AnthropOcean is a walk-in audiovisual installation that documents and artistically processes fragments of invisible underwater noise pollution caused by humankind. It breaks with the prevailing romanticised notion of the underwater world and introduces visitors to a new understanding of sound. Visual,- and sonic recordings by the artists are incorporated into the work, which sees itself as an interface between art, science and ecology and offers space for an interdisciplinary discourse.


The visitors are surrounded by the immersive multi-channel installation. A 360° 12-track composition of synthesized and altered field recordings is adapted to the space. Underwater noise in various forms and abstractions emanates from them. In cohesion with the visual images, the result is an intense and incriminating symbiosis. The altered recordings were captured by the artists near Marseille, one of the most noise polluted coastlines of the Mediterranean.

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