2019, 9 min

Directed by Noah Rosa
Co-Directed & Music by Ganaël Dumreicher

Project Cover Image

A modern interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice in Wonderland.


“In search of her lost mobile phone, the titular protagonist plunges into a dreamlike, bizarre world in which strange beings play their hedonistic game. Colour frenzy and intoxicating substances overlap on the visual level of this short film and give the whimsical and mysterious trip through the fantastic cosmos a surreal music video look. Queer, shrill, col- ourful.The subjective camera stumbles from one fantastic room to the next, past dancing Siamese twins, sinister creepy creatures and beings in crazy outfits. Little by little, Alice herself becomes part of the hedonistic hustle and bustle, the art performance, the fashion shoot. On acid in the foxhole of pop culture. Lost in the in-between of genres.”


– Catalogue text by the Diagonale 2020

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